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upvc door specialist

Upvc door specialists

Is your upvc door mechanism broken? or is it just very hard to use? sounds like you have a problem.

The majority of Upvc plastic doosr require attention to opperate properly every few years, this  is normal.

Doors tend to drop at the hinge meaning the alignment of the door and the frame oftens falls out.

with some hinges there are adjustments that can be made to correct this problem.

At Ants Locksmithing we provide a door realignment service or in more extreme cases, complete mechanism replacements.

The avarage Upvc door mechanism last for 10-11 years before it fails and a replacement is needed.

They dont tell you this when you buy the door in the first place do they?

Regular oiling and greasing will only do so much but is still highly recommended to prolong the life of your door.


Typically a simple realignment of  the door will cost £60 if it is done within normal working hours,

there are hundreds of complete Upvc door mechanisms on the market it would be impossible to give an accurate price for those but as a general rule if the gearbox can be changed then an additional £60 – £80 will be charged and if the whole mechanism needs changing then £90 – £150 maybe charged for the price of the unit, some are special order and would need a another visit to install the part.

We carry around 70 different gearboxes and a dozen of the most common upvc mechanisms to try and ensure the job gets completed there and then.

I hope this information has been of some help and we look forward to speaking to you soon.



We provide other services such as:

    • Replacement vehicle keys
    • Repairing vehicle blades and remotes where possible
    • Programming new keys and transponder chips
    • Spare keys for vehicles
    • Vehicle entry via picking the door locks (even when deadlocked)
    • Cloning existing key data onto another chip
    • Replacing ignition barrells on Vauxhall and ford models
    • Emergecy mobile service available
    • 20 minute arrival time where possible

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