Price List

We have put together some typical job examples that you would expect to pay for our locksmith work,

we are generally cheaper than our competitors and will try to always be,

our rates are very competitive and from the list below you should be able to get a good idea on how much a typical locksmiths job wll cost,

if you cant see what your looking for then perhaps contacting us directly via our Contact Page or calling us directly to get the information your looking for .

locksmiths prices

Weekdays Monday – Friday (Domestic work)

workdone between the hours of 08:30 – 18:00 is £60  plus the cost of any parts

18:00 – 20:00 is £75 plus the cost of any parts


12:00-18:00 domestic locksmithing is £75 plus the cost of any parts.

Auto Locksmiths Prices

Weekday (Automotive)

08:30 – 20:00 Automotive locksmithing is from £75 plus the cost of any parts/tokens for programming new keys.


12:00 -18:00 Automotive locksmithing is £75 plus the cost of any parts/tokens plus Vat

We have a call out fee of £30 that is included in the price of the labour so no nasty suprises for you.

Prices may differ on bank holidays and public holidays but if you book over the phone we will be happy to let you know the ful cost as best as we can.

Prices are assuming that the work will not take longer than one hour, roughly as we do use our discrection.

almost all jobs can be finished before this, however

if the job will take longer or if specialist parts are needed to be ordered we will let you know and give you a reduced rate upon our return,

generally we would charge around £30 for the return visit.


1 -Lets say you’ve locked yourself out of the house on a wednesday at 12.30pm, we would charge £60 labour,

we would most likely be able to get into the house without damaging or replacing the locks.

2 -If you had locked your keys in the boot of your car on a monday morning at 9am,

we would charge £75 labour, we would most likely pick the lock of the car so there would be no damage,

3 -have you had lost your car keys and needed a replacement?

we would typically charge £120 for one standard key plus any other expenses, for example

if you had a 2003 vauxhall astra?

in order to programme a new key into the system we would also need to purchase the programming code from vauxhall, which is £30.

Most of the time the codes can be read from the vehicle but we cant on the vauxhalls of this year and type so we included it as an example.

so the total would be £150 although with most cars we would not need to order and expensive code.

We hope these few examples have been of some help to you,

if you would like to book in for a job or have any questions then please feel free to contact us via our Contact Page

or call Anthony directly on his mobile at:

          07847517673  or   01582512931

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